Best Buddies

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Our Boring Saturday

Hello all. Sorry we haven't blogged lately. We've been busy, but we haven't been doing anything particularly fun, so we haven't had much to write about. Mom decided that we had to put something on, so she took some pics of us doing weekend stuff. We usually pester mom and dad to amuse us in the mornings, so here are some things they get us to do:

Here we are bobbing for meat flavoured ice cubes. Mmmmmmmmm.

And we always do some training.

Here we are with treats on each paw, waiting patiently until...

Mom says "okay" and we get our reward.

But most of the time we just lay around and nap.

The table outside on the deck is one of our favourite places.

Dakota really likes mom and dad's bed, and that's where she goes when she wants some quiet time alone.

And it's always a treat when the dog bed is on the deck.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Birthday Blog

Dakota here. Today is my birthday--I am TWO! Isn't this the magical age when doggies are supposed to settle down? That's going to be hard for me with Georgia around since she's only one, and it's my responsibility to play with her.

Here I am with my beloved soccer ball. Just after this photo was taken, my dad and I were playing and I popped it. Ooops. If I had popped it yesterday, I could have gotten a new one today for my birthday. Double ooops.

This is me when I was two weeks old. In the photo with the rest of my litter, I am the one on the far left.

Here I am at about six weeks. I have always looked a bit grumpy.

On the weekend we all took a drive to a place with a bunch of even grumpier dogs--malamutes! Mom and dad got my birthday present there, and I think it's better than a soccer ball.

That's right, it's a rig. The only problem is that I will have to share with Georgia. My fat huskador bottom isn't strong enough to pull it and my dad by myself, so I will need G's help.