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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hanmer Race

Hello all. Georgia here. We have been a bit slow with posting about our last sanctioned race of the season at Hanmer Springs. Mom and Dad bought a new camera, and it took them a week to figure out how to download the photos. If I had opposable thumbs, I would have had it figured out...

Here we are, relaxing on the drive. Dakota makes a nice soft pillow.

Mom and dad stayed at a place where we pupperoos were allowed inside, but we were not allowed on the furniture. Of course, I immediately jumped on the bed.

Mom and dad's new camera has a "panorama" option, so they took lots of cool photos. Here is the place we stayed, some old alpine cabins.

We asked mom to take some close-up shots of us, and here's Dakota looking quite regal.

Here I am, not quite as regal.

Relaxing on the grass together.

Relaxing on the bed together (but we're not allowed on the furniture).

Waiting for our races to begin.

It looks like a fast action shot, but actually we're walking normally. It was early in the morning (we had to be at the race by 6.30 AM), and there wasn't much light, so the photo is just blurry.

The very picturesque race start line.

Some fancy competitors.

Two-dog scooters lining up to start.

Mentally preparing for the race.

Dad and Dakota coming in to the finish line.

Dakota after her race. She only ran 4km, but she acts like she ran a marathon. Freight. She is such a drama queen.

Our winnings. Mom and I took second in canicross, and Dakota and dad took first in bikejor.

No more official races this season, just some fun club races. I have decided I want to try weightpull, and there's an event in October that we're planning to go to. I'll keep everyone posted about my training and progress.