Best Buddies

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Origin, Dakota's best run yet

Dakota here, I have just had the best weekend yet. The opposable thumb tour guides as always did not tell me and Little G where we were heading, they just stuffed us into the car and stole us away.

It was a long drive, so I got the comfy seat, G just sleeps as soon as the car moves anyway and I like to keep my eye on dad's driving, he really does need a lesson. He probably should get a multi car and dog scooter lesson, oh and as it turns out a sled lesson too ... more about that later.

So after about an hour and a half, the scenery changed, some idiot had painted all the hills white, bet that took them hours.

About this time mom and dad start talking about "the Origin", I ask G but she is asleep, so I have no idea what we are doing. Although my Scooter is in the back with me, but all that white stuff in the fields does not look easy to run on ...

Anyway we get to Naseby, my favourite spot to go running with dad, but all we do is pull up at the town hall and get left in the car ... boring.

About an hour later dad comes out with a funny yellow vest with the number six on it, then we drive off again ... where are we going?

Yippee look at the sign, you know what that means.

Yip that's right it is racing time again, and this time it is really cold, great for my husky coat. So dad gets me ready, wee walk, harness on, drink, but he does not get the scooter out, something is not right here.

Then we go talk to Les, he is a funny bloke that everyone teases for being slow, he runs Samoyeds, they are noisy dogs. Anyway dad is asking how to turn etc, what an idiot, even thick dad can turn a scooter. Anyhow the 5 minute hooter goes, and hold on he is tying me to a funny contraption, where are the wheels?

That's dad with the funny yellow vest with #6 on it, he is pretty tall eh. So long story short, the unexpected snowfall meant that scooters would not work, and they changed even us single dogs to sleds, this can not end well.

Well actually we get away alright, and the first bit has not much snow so dad runs alot, he was doing his Darth Vadar impersonation again, I would hate to hear him running without my help. We quickly catch up on the team ahead then we turn the corner and get into some good snow, there is a steep downhill was fun, the rest was alot of slow running with some fun bits chucked in.

Here is a wee video of me and dad finishing (if the space is black, just double click in the area)

After the race I got to lie in the white stuff (the big people call it snow), and eat some, not the yellow kind though. Editor note: the snow is white

Anyway so after the race we watched some of the big teams then went back to the hall. Dad came out so excited, aparantly we are in third place after the first heat, wow we did work well together today. We are even in front of some real fast dogs, woop woop, pressure on for second heat tomorrow now.

Fast forward to day two ...

Well dad is really excited today, do not know why as he looks a little sore after all that running. Then I know why, scooters are allowed today, yippee. Although those fast dogs will be hunting me down so a bit nervous.

Dad lets some air out of the tyres on the scooter, loosens off the brakes, all to make it less slippy on the snow and ice. This is going to be fun to see how he crashes today, wonder if I should do the famous poo stop?

It actually turns out dad is getting better at this scooter thing, he let me run real fast on the ice and we did not crash once, and nobody passed us so hopefully we were fast enough to keep in third place and get our first ribbon.

I know you are anxious to know (as Dad was just before prize giving), but first there is a video of me finishing.

And YES, look what I won, my first placing in a proper race. We got third, mom and dad have been giving me heaps of belly rubs today, might run like that more often.

We also met heaps of new friends, Georgia can tell you about that though ...

Woof Woof

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beloved Chicken (Again)

The girls here. After seeing those naughty weimaraners the other night, Dakota decided to disembowel beloved chicken.

But like the Phoenix (and with a little help from mom), beloved chicken rose from the ashes.

We waited patiently for mom to give her back to us.

Then we proceeded to fight over her.

After a lot of fighting and pulling and barking, Georgia got hold of beloved chicken...

And disemboweled her.

Will she rise again?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Night TV

Dakota and her duck watching Victoria Stilwell with some naughty weimaraners on "It's me or the dog".

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Georgia's First Harness

Hi everyone. Georgia here.

Yesterday we went out for a sleddoggery training run with our local club. I'm too young to pull fun stuff like bikes, scooters or people, so when all the other doggies are off for their run, I get left behind with mom. Yesterday, however, mom put a sleddoggery harness on me for the first time, and we went for a walk. I didn't quite understand what I was supposed to do. So I:

Tried to eat all the horse poo I could find on the road.

Looked in the ditches for horse poo when I couldn't find any on the road.

Sat and looked at my mom, expecting a treat for my good behaviour (it works at home).

Afterward we went to the "bad cousins" house. Dakota was pooped because she had pulled dad's fat bottom on a bike for 7km, so she made herself comfortable on the sofa and had a snooze.

"Bad Cousin" Storm was also pooped. She did 7km with a scooter, which is even harder than the bike. She gets too hot, so she prefers sleeping on the floor.

"Bad Cousin" Wolf didn't do any sleddoggery stuff. He doesn't really like to pull, so he gets left behind like I do. He's training to be a show dog, so he prefers to prance instead. He wasn't tired at all. He just sat there looking pretty.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Video of Scarper race

Hey guys

Dad just uploaded a video to Youtube of our first proper race, thought you might want to see, I will get him to write a story later, first he has to clean the study.

woof woof
Princess Dak