Best Buddies

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Beloved Chicken (Again)

The girls here. After seeing those naughty weimaraners the other night, Dakota decided to disembowel beloved chicken.

But like the Phoenix (and with a little help from mom), beloved chicken rose from the ashes.

We waited patiently for mom to give her back to us.

Then we proceeded to fight over her.

After a lot of fighting and pulling and barking, Georgia got hold of beloved chicken...

And disemboweled her.

Will she rise again?


  1. Oh dear... I'm impressed your Mum has the saintliness to attempt to give your victims a second life... mine go straight in the... oh you know, it nearly brings a tear to my eyes thinking about it!

    Dear Mr Chicken... Good luck with potential life 3. I don't think chickens get 9 lives like the kitties do...

    I'm just saying....

    Happy weekend!

  2. Mr Koda MD is khwite khorrekht -

    How many lives will this chikhken possess?


  3. How many lives does the chicken have?