Best Buddies

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Our Weekend

It was our mom's birthday this weekend, so we all went on a trip together to celebrate. We went to a place called Naseby which has a cool forest with lots of tracks for us pupperoos.

The first night we went for a run with mom and dad, but it was really warm, so we kept jumping into the water race to cool off. Pupperoos aren't allowed into the water. We were naughty.

The next day we went for a run in the morning and it was cooooold. Georgia and mom headed off on their own for a scooter ride, and dad and Dakota went in another direction with dad's bike. Georgia didn't understand what she was supposed to do and she spent the first 10 minutes walking along the trail, sniffing and looking for rabbit poo. Then she realised what she was supposed to do and started pulling. Seeing a rabbit run across the trail might have motivated her a bit. Dakota was off like a rocket. She always knows what to do.

Dakota was living up to her nickname of "Princess". She's also known as the "Ice Queen".

Georgia is just a goofball.

Chicken update--our new friends have started laying eggs and we have gotten four in one week. Yum! Mom let them out to free range one day when we were at doggie daycare:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Our First Event

Hello everyone. Georgia here. This weekend we had our first sled dog event of the year. We went down south for a canicross race and to catch up with our friends.

Here we are, mentally preparing for the challenge ahead.

I ran with mom, and Dakota ran with dad. They were right behind us most of the way, but then they passed us and beat us--but by only one second. I have quite a fluffy coat compared to D, and it was a really warm day, so in the final stretch I ran out of steam. But we did really well overall. Dad and D took third, and mom and I took fourth. Not bad for a couple of out-of-shape halfskies! We had a great time.

Dakota is still the usual drama queen. You would think she just ran a marathon instead of 3km.

I was much more composed and had a quick recovery. Hmmmmm, I guess I probably could have run a little faster...

We had plenty of time to chill out afterwards.

Here is the club gossiping after the race. Can you spot Dakota?

She's on the right, peeking out from behind the container door.

Mom treated us to a walk after the race to stretch our weary legs.

Then mom and dad treated themselves to a coffee and left us in the car.

Dakota spent the evening reminding everyone how tired she was.

Another canicross on Sunday.