Best Buddies

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Sunday Funday

Hi folks. Georgia here. Race season is starting, so that means our weekends are getting busy. Last weekend we had our first club fun race called "The Spectacle". It was a warm weekend, which was great for the humans, but not so good for us. But I am jumping ahead of myself.

Dad took us for a walk Sunday morning, and as we went past the beach, we realised there was something more interesting than usual to sniff in the bushes. We found a bunny!

Dad saw that it wasn't a wild rabbit but someone's pet that must have escaped. So we went home and sent mom down to catch it. She couldn't find it, but luckily some nice community service workers who were stopped at the beach having their morning break spotted it and caught it for her.

My kitty Minni was entertained by it. She says it was like tv for cats. Dakota and I could smell it, but we were locked in the back while Minni and the bunny got to hang out in the front. We tried to dig out, but we weren't very successful. Later that day, after asking at three stores, two houses and one little boy on a bike, mom found where the bunny lived and took it home. It lives in a big tire with two guinea pigs.

Then it was race time. Mom and I did canicross and took second, but there were only three of us running. We beat a little girl but got beat by her fast father. Lazy dad didn't get any pictures of us.

Dad and Dakota did a bike-jor race and took first. But there was only one other dog, so it wasn't a huge victory.

Despite the lack of competition, we were still pooped pooches. But happy ones. Look at the smiles on our faces.

The Bad Cousins were there too, doing two dog stuff. First they ran canicross (boy a human can go FAST when two dogs are pulling), then they did scooter and took second. Here they are posing nicely for a photo with their mom, our Aunty Jo-Jo. Dakota's boyfriend Wolf is on the left. He's a fancy show dog.

Then they saw some other dogs and stopped posing so nicely.

When they were getting ready for their race, Bad Cousin Storm figured out how to back out of her harness and run around. For that they won the prize for the best "Spectacle" of the race.

What adventures will this weekend hold?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dinner Time!

Greetings everyone. Today we wanted to share with you our favourite time of day--dinner time! Walkies are fun, doggie daycare is great, but nothing beats biscuits in the belly. Perhaps that's just the lab and retriever in us speaking. Here is Georgia's dinner:

She has dog food, raw beef, and some zucchini. She loves fruits and vegetables, especially green ones. Dakota hates them all. She just gets dog food and meat in her bowl. And because she packs on the pounds like a true lab and really needs to watch her weight, she gets less than Georgia.

Here we are waiting nicely for mom to tell us "okay" so we can eat:

And we're off! It's almost like a race. We gobble up everything as quickly as we can. But we never fight with each other over food. Sometimes we even swap bowls.

Mom timed us tonight. Dakota was finished after 48 seconds.

Georgia finished about ten seconds later.

How long does it take you to eat your dinner?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Day at the Races

Georgia here. It is now sleddoggery season, and I participated in my first race recently. It was canicross, where we doggies pull a running human. It's pretty hard for us because we have to drag this heavy, slow thing behind us without the help of wheels like our other sleddogery sports. If the human is fast, it's not so bad. The only consolation for us is that it is twice as hard for the poor human who is trying to keep up with us while not tripping on tree roots, slipping in the mud, etc.

Here is Dakota after her race. She ran with mom and took fourth:

And here I am.  I ran with dad, and we took fifth:

We were both pooped puppies on the drive home:

But in her usual fashion, Dakota recovered quickly:

In my usual fashion, I went back to sleep:

Or tried to:

Dakota sure made herself comfortable at my expense:

Here is the drive home. You can't see it very well, but there is part of a rainbow in the middle: