Best Buddies

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dinner Time!

Greetings everyone. Today we wanted to share with you our favourite time of day--dinner time! Walkies are fun, doggie daycare is great, but nothing beats biscuits in the belly. Perhaps that's just the lab and retriever in us speaking. Here is Georgia's dinner:

She has dog food, raw beef, and some zucchini. She loves fruits and vegetables, especially green ones. Dakota hates them all. She just gets dog food and meat in her bowl. And because she packs on the pounds like a true lab and really needs to watch her weight, she gets less than Georgia.

Here we are waiting nicely for mom to tell us "okay" so we can eat:

And we're off! It's almost like a race. We gobble up everything as quickly as we can. But we never fight with each other over food. Sometimes we even swap bowls.

Mom timed us tonight. Dakota was finished after 48 seconds.

Georgia finished about ten seconds later.

How long does it take you to eat your dinner?


  1. I'd say bout 3mins. mom mixes loads of greens
    with the beef, thus I go for the beef first before
    devouring the rest of the veggies..:)


  2. Yummers!

    I don't know - Mom will time me the next time she feeds me - Sunday or so

    PeeEssWoo: Since Mom is still at work when it is my dinner time, The Doggy Nanny feeds me - that's why Mom won't get to do the timing until Sunday - I will be fed before then ;-)

  3. Wow you sit so well to wait for your food! We don't do that - we sometimes even start eating it before mom is done getting it ready! It doesn't take us too long to eat, but we do go from plate to plate sometimes. We think your food looks pretty tasty - we might need to try doggie food sometime!

  4. I will have to time the kiddos - good idea! I make the girls wait to eat so they can learn self- discipline, too.