Best Buddies

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Meet Miss Georgia

I'm Georgia, and I am a "goberian"--that's half golden retriever and half Siberian husky. My dad is a typical golden retriever, and my mom is a red husky, so who knows how I ended up brown, grey and black? I also have very interesting husky eyes.

That's right, one blue eye and one parti brown/blue eye. In some lights my eyes look almost white and very strange.

These are all my sibblings. That's me at the bottom right.

This is me on the right with my little sister, the only other puppy who looked like me. She had serious heart problems and died on Easter Sunday, the day that I went to my new home.

My friend Jo calls me the "Flying Nun" because my ears stick out and I look like Sally Field from that 1960s tv show.

I went to the dog park for the first time on the weekend, but I was so excited that I couldn't hold still long enough for a good photo.

My mom and dad want me to pull stuff when I get older, so I have to practice wearing a harness.

I can be sort of a silly girl at times.


  1. hi Georgia! You are a cutie - we love your flying nun ears! And you have very beautiful eyes too! We understand about the fur color thing - Lola is gray with peachy spots but her dad was dark orange and her mom was black. Her brothers and sisters were almost all black too (one other was gray).

  2. Of khourse, I would prefer to think of woo has Siberiangolder!

    Furst billing fur our kind!

    Woo are furry beaWOOtiful!

    I'm so thankful Mr Koda has shared woo with us!