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Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's my birthday! (sort of)

Georgia here. Today I am six months old. I thought I would share some of my puppy pictures with you.

Here I am at five weeks when my mom and dad came to visit me. Wasn't I cute? Yeah, I know what you're saying--all puppies are cute.

Here I am at seven weeks. This is the first time I visited my new home, and in this photo I am panting because I was a little stressed with the new surroundings and the big dopey huskador staring at me. Mom and dad borrowed me for the day so that I could meet Dakota and see where I was going to live. They didn't bring me home permanently until a couple of weeks later.

Here I am at 2 1/2 months. I wasn't too sure what to do with the ball, and I am not much better with them now. All I know is that if I steal Dakota's, she'll chase me, and that's fun.

Here I am at three months with my big fluffy "flying nun" ears. They stick out when I'm excited.

Here I am at 4 1/2 months. I am starting to look more like a dog than a puppy. But people tell me I am still cute. I am sure it's the ears.

Here I am now. I have turned into a very gangly teenager. I was weighed today, and I'm 23.5 kg (that's about 52 lbs). I'm bigger than Dakota was at my age, and I now weigh more than the bad cousins.

Mom and dad are amazed at how much my coat has been changing. A couple of months ago, this is what I looked like. Very brown with a cute black spot on my tail.
Look at me now. I am very black. In fact, I am much more black than I appear in the photo.

I had a very nice six month "birthday". I got to visit my brother, Ben, and play with the bad cousins, Storm and Wolf. Tomorrow we are off to do some sleddoggery stuff, so Dakota can tell you all about that later. She gets to pull dad on a bike. I STILL only get to watch all the fun stuff. :(


  1. Happy Birthday! Love seeing your growing up pictures! And you are bigger than some of us already.

  2. Mom is making THOSE faces at ALL your pikhs!

    Now she's babbling OMD - how khute - OMD - HOW KHUTE -

    Happy Half A Year!

    Here's to a pawesome rest of it!


  3. Hawoo Georgia!

    I didn't see woo properly when woo came down for da sleddoggery relay we had at da weekend but Maw did and she said woo were SUPER CUTE and OH SO SOFT and BIG!!!

    I haf to tell woo sumthin ~ Koda has a BIG crush on woo! Do woo think dat when woo gets bigger woo might want to be his girlfuriend? It would be so nice if Koda had a girl in his life.....apart from Summer & Suki dat is.

    Play bows and woofs

  4. O hai! Woof woof. :) I is happy for ur birfday. :)