Best Buddies

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Georgia's New Threads

Georgia here. It has been raining a lot here, and mom and dad are sick of me being a rain sponge. So mom bought me this spiffy new jacket. It's a "Sub Woofer" from the New Zealand doggie company D-Fa. Dad says it looks like a wet suit. If it keeps me dry, who cares what it looks like?


  1. Woo look furry sporty and stylin' -

    I love playing the role of Siberian Sponge!

    AKA Princess RainKhloud

  2. We think your new coat looks great! And naything that keeps you dry is a good thing - water is no fun (of course, that is just our opinion - we know doggies like it a lot better than us kitties). We think you look super cute Georgia!

  3. That's pretty cool, really! You look very spiffy :)
    A "rain sponge"...hehe