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Monday, June 6, 2011

My First Official Race!

Georgia here. This weekend I participated in my first official race. I'm a over a year old and a big girl now, so mom and dad say I can start competing. But they say I need to take it easy because I am still a growing girl. Here I am on the drive. It was nearly a three hour trip, and I have been known to get a little carsick on these long drives.

Here's everyone on the first day before the race started. Our car is the one on the right.

I got to run a canicross race with my mom. We did really well and took second place for the women. Last month my mom and Dakota ran the same course. I made mom run it 43 seconds faster than Dakota did. Dad always thought I would be the faster dog. Here I am with my rosette. I am a bit scared of it.

Here's Dakota after her race on the first day. She did single dog scooter with dad. She doesn't look like a doggie who has just run a 3.5 km race, does she?

Well, that's because the scooter broke just after they started. Dad had to run alongside pushing it most of the way and Dakota couldn't run as fast as she wanted to. You can see where the frame bent at the curved part.

Here's Dakota having a snooze at the motel that evening. She sort of naps like a dog that has just run a race.

Here I am taking my nap. I am definitely napping like a dog that has just run a race. I was absolutely pooped.

Mom took some snaps of some of our friends from down south finishing their races.

Here's Dakota after her race on the second day. She looks very different from the first day, doesn't she? Dad borrowed a scooter, and it didn't break, so Dakota ran her little huskador heart out. But when she looks like this with spit all over her face, I call her a "slobrador".

Here she is hugging her water bowl. Look at the size of that tongue! She and dad took fourth, and I am very proud of my big sister.

Then we had that long drive home. Dakota decided I would make a nice soft pillow for the trip, but I didn't mind because she ran such a good race. At least she wasn't standing on my head like the last time we went away.

 Three weeks until the next race!


  1. Congratulations to both of you! Sounds like you had a great time and both did really well. You look like you both ran your hearts out. :)

  2. That was SOME tongue!

    Do we know that Blakhk Labrador?

    AND, are woo two awake yet?

    PeeEssWoo: KHONGRATS!

  3. We loved all youw photos, especially the one of me and Koda with Nanny Kate!!!

    We are glad youw Dad didn't bweak the scootew on the second day cause othewwise we wouldn't be able to go fuw wuns!!! We think it bought woo good luck just like it did fuw Kodiak and Qannik in the 2 dog scootew wace that day!!!

    We hope woo get youw scootew fixed soon!!!