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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Christchurch Race!

Hello everyone. Dakota here this time to report on our most recent race. We went to Christchurch last weekend, and it was a special trip for me because that's where I was born. My sister Sophie lives there, but I didn't get to visit her.

Here I am on the drive, concentrating hard on my strategy for the upcoming races. 

Of course, sometimes I needed to take a break from all that thinking to stick my head out the window and enjoy some fresh air.

Mom and Georgia competed in canicross. They took fourth on Saturday and fifth on Sunday, but they were competing against some very fast runners. Saturday was too warm for Georgia, so with that warm fluffy coat she wasn't able to run as fast as she wanted to.

Dad and I competed in bikejor both days. We had a big challenge because there was a guy with a really fast pointer who wanted to win. Dad and I beat him at our club's Naseby race. Now we were on his home turf. On Saturday he changed his bike, but dad and I still beat him. Here we are about to cross the finish line to take first. You can see the other guy waaaaaaay behind us. On Sunday our rival changed his dog, and we came in second place, but we only lost by one second. It was an exciting photo finish.


I won a bag of dog food for coming in first, a box of dog treats for coming in second and a trophy for being the overall winner for bikejor on the two days.

Only one more big race for us pupperooos next month, then our season is over. Dad and I are going to do bikejor again against our rival. Can the fat huskador beat the fast pointer and finish the season as the unofficial New Zealand South Island bikejor champ? Wish me luck!


  1. Congratulations! And what a yummy prize!! :)

  2. I'm sure FUN will be had by all!!!!!