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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dakota's Big Week

I've had a big week.

I started off the week being a bit under the weather. On Monday night I told mom and dad that I wasn't feeling very well. I crept around the house with my ears down and looked generally miserable. But on Tuesday morning I was back to my old self. Or so we all thought. Mom picked me up from doggie daycare, and they had the doors open because it smelled really bad in there. Seems I "exploded" in the afternoon and had big, runny poos. But I felt sooooo much better. Dad figured out why I was so sick. Mom couldn't find that new roll of dog food she bought on Monday ...

Georgia pooped out the red wrapper on Wednesday. That's all I let her have.

On Wednesday it was my birthday. I'm three now.

And today I found out what dad has been building. Turns out it's a ...

CHICKEN COOP!!  Mom picked up three chickens for me today! Well, mom and dad say they're NOT for me, but that doesn't stop me trying to get in and "play" with them. I am obsessed with them. My lab side says "Bird! Retrieve!" while my husky side says "Bird! Dinner!". I am torn.

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  1. I wonder which breed will triumph?

    I still think it was a better place fur your khytties ;-)