Best Buddies

Saturday, May 19, 2012


Hi everyone. Georgia here. I have had a VERY exciting day. I got to visit my brother Ben, who I usually go and see every couple of months at the pet shop where he works. But Ben has someone special staying with him--our brother Samson. I haven't seen him since I was 8 weeks old. Everyone was wondering how our reunion would go...

Here I am being submissive to my big brothers. Apparently I did this a lot when I was a puppy. Samson growled at me when he first saw me, but we quickly got over that. Samson is the one that looks like our dad, who was a golden retriever.

Here we are serving customers in the shop. There isn't much of a family resemblance, is there? Except that we all have that goofy golden retriever smile. Especially me.

Here we are sitting nicely for treats.

Here I am with Samson and my other brother when we were about 7 weeks old. I can't remember his name, but he looks just like Samson.

We have invited Samson and Ben to join us in our sleddoggery activities, so maybe I'll get to run with my brothers one day soon.


  1. What a trio of lookers!!!

    Thanks fur sharing your fun -


  2. How pawesome that you got to meet up with your brother Samson after such a long time. You all have lovely smiles and I hope that one day they can join you in your sled dog activities from Milo

  3. Gosh you certainly got the oddball genes!! You have some interesting brothers!! It would be cool to race against your family but playing is much more fun