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Friday, June 8, 2012

Sandy Point Scarper

Greetings everyone. We went to our first race last weekend, the Sandy Point Scarper in Invercargill.

 We ran a canicross race with mom and dad first. We have our own styles of mentally preparing.

Dakota surveys the competition and makes sure to show her confidence. She's one serious competitor.

Georgia just sits there looking goofy. She doesn't have a clue about what is going on.

It looks like Georgia is head-butting Dakota, but she is just reaching for some yummy "bunny nuggets".

We had a great race. It was a little on the warm side, so we struggled a bit, but we still ran well enough to pull lazy mom and dad fast enough to take first in the women's canicross race and third in the men's.

Right after that race, Dakota and dad competed in a bikejor race. Dak was tired, but she loves to run, so she was able to pull dad to a second place finish. She lost to a very fast pointer, but it was a really close finish. She says if she hadn't just run a race, she'd have won. But she says stuff like that.

We spent the night at a very nice motel that lets good doggies like us stay in the room. Mom and dad got a big room with a spare bed for Georgia and a comfy sofa for Dakota.

The next day was very exciting. It was the first time we ran together as a team. We competed in the two-dog scooter race with dad. Everyone was quite nervous beforehand.

Well, Georgia was more worried than nervous. She had no idea what was going on.

We ran well and took fourth out of sixteen teams. Not bad for a couple of halfskies in our first race together.
Dad said that we ran our little hearts out.

Here's the forest we ran through.

Dakota spent some time getting in touch with her inner husky.

Georgia tried, but she couldn't quite master the Siberian swirl.

Off to Naseby tomorrow for a training run and to get things sorted for our club's race in two weeks.

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  1. Great pictures. Stumbled across this searching for Huskadors. I have two huskadors myself and I am 99% sure that ours are from the same litter. Are yours from Christchurch originally? Dakota looks almost exactly like my Mila. You can see her in this picture -