Best Buddies

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone. The girls here. We haven't been blogging lately because we have been busy settling into our new house. We have been exhausted by all the running, sniffing and exploring we have been doing lately.

Georgia has been particularly active the last two days--she has been a naughty girl and escaped from the yard twice. She found that she could squeeze through the gaps in the temporary fence that mom and dad put up and go and visit "Phat Boy" the dog next door. Unfortunately, she has taken after her husky mom with her desire to escape and wander. When mom found her and called to her, she just turned and trotted off, determined to continue her adventure!

Mom and dad constructed a fancy new dog run for us while they're at work during the day. Here's what our old run looked like:

It was adequate, but a little too small for us to play and have fun in. Here's our new one:

Have a look inside:

It's quite a bit bigger than our old run and much more sheltered. Unfortunately, mom and dad found out that on a hot day, it's a bit too hot in there, so they are going to make some windows in the walls so that we can get a cross breeze.

We need a name for our new home. We have thought of some possibilities--"Halfskie Manor", "The Puppy Palace", "Chez D&G" and our friend Koda suggested "Kamp Kota" (after Dakota, not Koda!). Any ideas?


  1. We don't know what to call it, but we hope that chair and couch come with the run.

  2. What a great khlubhouse!

    I'm with The Herd on the name AND the chair and khouch!

    As fur THE LOOK Georgia gave your mom, I wonder why my mom made THAT FACE?

    Yep, we are what we are - khan't change THAT!


  3. We know that furniture in the run will end up like the Thundering Herd's Frankencouch! So we have to be happy with a wooden pallet instead :(