Best Buddies

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

THIS is how much dogs cost

Georgia here. Dakota is off with her dad having a look at our latest doggie purchase. Have a look at what they bought us:

That's right, lots of land for us to run around like the headless chickens we are. Oh, and it also comes with one of these:

And it even has a nice view of the harbour:

So folks, THAT'S how much that doggie in the window costs!

Kamp Kota opens 24 November--all pupperoos invited.


  1. WOWzers - woo puppers are expensive!!! That looks like a purtty cool house and lots of green grass fur woo to dig up! Can we come play too? Maw said it depends how good yur fencing is!

    Team Husky

  2. Excellent choice to keep the dogs happy. But where will the humans sleep?

  3. Looks fantastic! Got room for 6 more?? We could use a good stretch of our legs!