Best Buddies

Friday, November 12, 2010

How much is that doggie in the window?

Dakota here. The other night mom and dad were talking about how much I cost. Being a huskador and one of those fancy "designer" breeds, I know they paid a bit for me, but I couldn't have been that expensive. Of course, if you could put a dollar value on puppy cuteness, I'd have cost them millions.

But no, they didn't have to take out a bank loan to buy me. Apparently I was the cheapest part. So what are they moaning about? Well, they inform me, it's all the stuff they had to buy for me that has made me one expensive pooch.

First there was the puppy food--premium food at that. And all the toys. And a dog bed. And vet bills. And leash, collar, etc. But duh, you expect to have to buy those things when you get a dog.

Then there was the dog house. The didn't want to build one, and they didn't want to buy a cheap one, so they got a fancy one made for me. It's even insulated. I laughed at them at first (I'm half husky--I come with insulation!), but then I learned that in summer it's nice and cool in there.

They didn't know what to do with me during the day when they were at work, so they built a big dog run.

Then they felt guilty about leaving me home alone in the dog run all day, so they decided to put me in--you guessed it--doggie daycare a couple days a week.

We took a bunch of obedience classes, but I wasn't any good at that. Then they discovered sled dog sport, and so they had to buy all the gear for that.

Okay, okay, I can see how I was getting expensive.

But wait, there's more...

Mom and dad decided that I needed a friend and they wanted a two-dog sled dog team, so they got Georgia.

So they had to pay for her.
And more food and toys.
And vet bills.
And another leash, collar, etc.
And a second dog house.
And obedience classes.
And more sled dog equipment.

They discovered that two dogs and all that sled dog gear didn't fit in the car. They thought about getting a dog trailer, but they aren't rich, so they decided to get a roof box for the car instead.

So what else could they possibly need to buy? Stay tuned...


  1. I just KNOW woo return their investment a ZILLION times ovFUR each day!

    Khuteness SO rules!


  2. Ahhhhhh, those puppy pictures are priceless. I'd say you two are worth all of that and more!

  3. And the hu-dad mumbled something about it never stops.

  4. Another Friend?

    Another Car?

    Another House?

    Another Country?

    Who knows! But lets hope it means more adventures!

    Oh, and when can I book in for a night at Kamp 'Kota?