Best Buddies

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Exciting Day

Dakota here. Georgia and I had an exciting Sunday afternoon. Mom and dad decided that because it was such a nice day, and we have had such a boring weekend, they would take us for a long walk. We went to a place called Flagstaff. It was a steep climb up, but there were great views of our city below.

It was Georgia's first long walk out in the wilderness, and boy was she excited. She was pulling so hard on her leash that she was panting and wheezing. Towards the end she got a bit overheated and kept wanting to sit in the shade and have a rest. Mom and dad took us to a little pond where we could cool off. I looooove swimming (that's the lab in me), and I didn't want to get out. Georgia was a bit scared and didn't want to go in too far. But once summer is here, she'll learn to swim and love the water like I do. After our walk, we went to the dog park and ran around like headless chickens with a German shorthaired pointer named Milo.

Tonight we're a couple of pooped puppies. I have stretched out on mom and dad's bed for a rest.

Georgia has collapsed in a snoozy coma in the hallway (her usual spot). She has no dignity, unlike yours truly!


  1. What a great day woo had!

    I khan imagine the sensory ovFURload!

    Khousin Harley had it the entire time he was at Khamp Khyra!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  2. Looks like a terrific day. So funny those humans love Tired Sibes.