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Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Flap

Dakota here. Living with Georgia, I see some pretty strange stuff at times. This isn't so strange:

But then...

Yes, folks, that's right. Georgia manages to contort all 27 kg (60 lbs) of herself through the CAT flap.


  1. Give that girl a biskhuit fur her akhkhomplishment!

    What great pikhs!


  2. How in the world did she do that???

    Hi we are your new followers and just have to laugh at your two dogs...because five of our dogs are 3/4 Huskies and 1/4 Lab and have the exact same ears!! How cute is that? Daddy Dog is the only one with true Husky ears, and even though Mommy Dog is half Husky, half Lab, she looks like a Black Lab and ALL her kids got her ears.

    Your dog's are beautiful and I love their coats. Come visit us at:

  3. Now we never would have guessed Georgia would be able to fit through that little bitty cat flap!!! She sure is a clever girl!!! Can woo fit through too Dakota?

    Team Husky

  4. Hi we are new followers from the 24 paws of love. OMD that is too cute - I would have never imagined a dog could get through that! a job well done!

  5. My Nanuq does that too! We couldn't figure out how he was escaping until we caught him in the act. Unbelievable.