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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Memory Lane

Dakota here. Mom's laptop had a meltdown, so she can't use any of our recent photos for our blog. She had some photos of me on her old computer, so today's blog with be a trip down Dakota Memory Lane.

Here I am with my brothers and sisters at four weeks. I am the cute one in the centre (yeah, I know, they're all cute).

Here's a close-up of me at the same time.

Here I am at just two weeks when my new mom and dad came to pick out a huskador.

Here I am at eight weeks on the ride to my new home. The trip was about five hours, and I spent it at my new mom's feet, crying for my old family.

I quickly adjusted to life in my new home. I slept in a crate until I was nearly a year old. I didn't really like it, and mom and dad were glad when I didn't need it any more.

Here I am chewing on my puppy nylabone. Notice those little razor puppy teeth--mom and dad are glad they're long gone!

Here I am sleeping--not a common sight when I was a puppy.

Here I am, a little older, with my favourite treat. The bad cousins introduced me to these delicacies.

Here I am with my favourite toy, a squeaky, squishy yellow ball. They're hard to find at the pet store, and I destroy them too quickly.

And finally, here I am having a snooze in the kitty's chair. I was so excited the first time I got to sit in it--so forbidden!


  1. Woo probably heard my mom SKHWEE from here!

    So much khuteness in one post!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  2. Hawoo Dakota!

    We just LOVED baby Dakota and all yur brudders and sisfurs!!! Cute cute cute!!!

    My Paw's fury favourtie toy in da world when he was younger was da exact same ball, Maw did buy lots of dem!!! He used to like taking in and dropping it in water (like our water bowl inside) and squishing it and makin a watery mess efurywhere!!!

    Play bows and woofs