Best Buddies

Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas in January?

Hello all. Today we got a package from our Uncle Pat in the USA. He sent us pupperoos some fancy American doggie stuff.

We got two tug toy animals--a fox and a racoon (there aren't foxes and racoons in New Zealand, so we're not really sure what they are). They have squeakers in the nose and tail, so they're DOUBLE FUN! As soon as mom squeaked them, Dakota jumped up and got very excited.

She grabbed both of them and jealously guarded them from Georgia.

Finally Georgia got her greedy paws on the fox, and outside we went with it.

We also got a couple of bottles of doggie beer. We enjoyed an apertif of Beefy Brown Ale before dinner tonight. Eight paws up!


  1. What a great pakhkage of pressies!



  2. What a great surprise! Glad to have found you - your pups are beautiful ;)
    Check us out if you get a chance: