Best Buddies

Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Walk

Hello everyone, Dakota here. I thought I would share with you some photos of today's walk (you know, that thing I was sulking about the other day) and the area by our new house.

Georgia and I get our walks together. We have a combined weight of about 60 kg (over 130 lbs) and that husky pulling power, so needless to say sometimes mom has a difficult time walking us. When we see other doggies we want to run up and say hello, and we usually end up dragging her along. But usually we walk very nicely. We even have a system--I walk on the left and Georgia walks on the right. Here I am in perfect walking form with a loose leash.

Mom and dad have a clever way of getting us to walk nicely. When we walk at their sides and look up at them, they give us a treat. It keeps us from pulling and sniffing everything constantly. A treat in the mouth is better than a sniff in the grass (hee hee). Here I am, showing what a good dog I am (treat, please).

And here's Georgia asking for her treat. Her golden retriever ears flap and fly about when she walks, so she looks pretty silly.

When we're in a tight spot and can't walk on the side, we go out front in formation. Won't we make a great sled dog team?

This is the path we have been walking along. It runs a couple of miles along the edge of the harbour, and it's a nice safe place for us without too many distractions (except for the occasional seagull).

And finally here we are posing for a nice portrait.


  1. Woo two have to be the most beaWOOOOOOtiful girls in town!

    Great pikhs!

    I understand the placement bit too! I always walk on the left when my khousins walk along too!

    PeeEssWoo: BTW, isn't husky power PAWESOME!?!

  2. Love the sled dog look! Those fluffy Husky tails are so beautiful. Sounds like you two have the quite the system with Mom. Treats will work with some of us, but some of us have strong Husky tunnel vision, like a bullet moving forward. We can give Mom one hell of time trying to walk us!! But she keeps working on us. One day we hope to walk like you and Georgia!!

  3. What a bwoootiful walkie! For a couple of bwooootiful pups!!