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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dakota's New Toy

Dakota here. Mom and dad did something weird today. It's Sunday, which usually goes something like this:

1) breakfast
2) trip to the dog park (with a stop at the coffee shop first)
3) nap
4) lunch
5) nap
6) D&G playfest (e.g. destroy something in the garden or visit doggie friends)
7) nap
8) walk or opportunity for me to do some sled dog training stuff
9) nap
10) dinner
11) nap
12) bed

But today we did something different. As soon as mom and dad got up, they hurried about like they were getting ready for the dog park, but instead of putting us in the car, they put us in our dog run! We only do that on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings! Of course they left us with a yummy breakfast, soft bedding and all the toys that yuppy puppies need. They were gone for several hours on a long drive. But when they got home, they presented me with a very special toy--a scooter! They took me out immediately to try it out with dad.

Here's dad and me after our ride. I look pretty dumb. I can't remember what dad was doing to me, but it made me poke my tongue out.

Here I am looking more respectable drinking my water. My new scooter is second-hand, and dad says it used to be owned by a pack of dalmatians. They're too busy milking cows (black and white spotted ones, I bet, hee hee) to play with their scooter any more, so it's mine now. It needs to be re-painted, so I have to decide which colour goes best with my lovely coat!


  1. Oh - we love our scooters. We can run like crazy and our hu-dad says it is great at producing tired Siberians.

  2. What a great day!

    I bet I would like a skhooter so I khould run and pull and pull and run!

    I khan't wait to see what kholour woo go with fur the repaint!


  3. Oh wow, woo are a fury lucky pupper to have your own one of those! The yellow goes with your Dad's jacket and your line!!!

    We think BLACK would look pretty sleek for the half Huskies!!!

    Team Husky

  4. We saw your comment on Koda's blog and thought we'd come by and say Hello...You are beautiful pups!!!
    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy and Buddy
    (we live in Georgia)