Best Buddies

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunday - Fun Day?

We're in trouble.

We haven't been the best little husk-a-roos today. We started out good and didn't wake mom up until 8. Then it was all engines go!

We played like huskies all morning, zooming around all over the furniture and in and out of the house. Mom was trying to clean, but we weren't helping.

Oscar was hiding out a pile of clean laundry and newspapers while we ran amok.

Dakota decided she wanted to have a play in the brand new bathtub while mom was busy cleaning the living room.

She was good and wiped her feet on the clean bath mat when she got out.

Then we got into a little "argument" in the hallway and knocked mom's lamp off the table. She spent about 9 months making the lampshade in a class. She was NOT amused.

She decided we needed to go to the dog park and run off our excess energy. Duh--that's what we had been trying to tell her all morning! Georgia got to play with a schnauzer puppy named Wilson and Dakota got to play with a boxer named Max.

All in all, a successful outing! Mom can finish cleaning the house now. Oh joy.


  1. I think the khat did all of the damage!

    I mean, look at those sweet pups in the last pikh!

    I rest my khase!


  2. Looks perfectly normal for Chez Herd here.

  3. Oh we sure were glad to see woo didn't break the purrty glass parts of da lampshade yur Maw made!!! Woo are learning that bipeds are a bit slow on da uptake.

    Miss Georgia sure looks like she's getting big - woo betta watch out Dakota.....she'll be bigger dan woo soon!!!

    Play bows and woofs