Best Buddies

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Home Improvements

With winter coming, and the TWO of us expecting to come in and out of the house like furry boomerangs, leaving the back door open was no longer an option.

Georgia thought the existing cat flap was GREAT and made good use of it.

Dakota, however, was not impressed.

So mom and dad got us a DOGGIE FLAP. Some friends of ours have one, so of course we wanted one too.

Dakota gives the new flap "four paws up"! She can even get her soccer ball through it.


  1. I'm sooooo furry jealous of having one of those!

    I need to rely on my staff (AKA MOM) to attach me to my tether so I khan go out and enjoy Nature!


  2. Woo hoo, woo girls are gonna have so much fun doing zoomies in and out dat doggy door ~ we have one and it's siberrific! We can get real dirty outside and run inside before Maw has time to clean us up!

    Play bows and woofs