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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Georgias New Toy

Dakota here, hows everyone doing?

Well we are nearing the end of the sled dog season, and because Georgia is getting bigger she also needs a people pulling machine. So dad organised one for her ... (although she will only get to use it with me for real short trips until she grows up a bit more)

Now I know what you are thinking, hey that looks like your one, well you would be right but this is not really about G's new sled. Dad has actually taken all the parts off that one, and chucked a few away. Then went to bike shop and came back with a bag of shiney new parts and is gonna get it painted blah blah blah ...

But that is not the exciting news ... dad has finally finished building my blinged out scooter, he keeps raving on about how light it is, all I care about is the handlebar grips match my collar, red really does suit me. And with his fat arse on it, it does not matter how light it is.

Now dad was not totally happy, he rides mountain bikes and is going through a 29er wheel phase, I prefer to call it a mid life crisis though (he is a bit young for a crisis though). So he grabbed one of his 'big' wheels for the front, there that looks way more bling (not). It does mean we will clear obstacles better.

We took it for a short spin this afternoon, dad nearly crashed on the first corner, it turns a wee bit slower with the big wheel.
Now I know what you are thinking, mow your lawn, it looks horrible. Mum reckons she will have better luck convincing dad that he does not need another bike ... maybe she should not let him get another bike until it is tidy.


  1. Great new header pikh!

    Good lukhk with your dad though ;-)


  2. Excellent toy (and our hu-dad says dad's should play with toys and dogs and not do chores)