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Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Exciting Weekend

The girls here. We haven't blogged for a while, so we thought we'd update everyone on our exciting weekend. On Saturday our mom was in a race, and we got to go along and watch.

Our mom was on a team with our Auntie Jo, who is Storm and Wolf's mom. Here's Auntie Jo during her part of the race. We like this forest because sometimes we get to do sleddoggery sport in it. Dad took Dakota for a couple of sleddoggery bike rides, and Georgia got to go for walks.

He we are just relaxing in the sun.

Then on Sunday mom and dad dropped us off at Doggie Club Med for the night. Dakota loves this place because there are dogs to play with EVERYWHERE. This was Georgia's first visit. We're the two grey blobs in the centre towards the back.

 Mom and dad didn't say why we were getting a holiday. It was only later that we learned that they had a holiday as well...

That's right! They went off to do sled doggery stuff without us! They took a long, long drive up a mountain to a place called the Snow Farm. We didn't get to go because mom and dad just wanted to watch and help out, and sometimes we're not very fun to travel with.

Here are some teams preparing for the race on the first day.

Here's the race. It was held in the evening--that's why it looks dark.

Here's a close-up of some of the teams. The two in the front are members of our club. Every year they dress up, and this year they were cheerleaders.

Here's an even closer close-up. They were wearing yellow skirts and long blond wigs. They also carried gold pom poms, but they're kinda hard to race with.

This was the view from the Snow Farm on the first day.

This was the same view on the second day. A storm hit overnight, and it was still snowing the next day. The race had to be cancelled because of snow drifts on the trails and low visibility.

Here's a big husky team hanging out in the snow. They seemed to like it. Mom and dad saw lots of other doggies with coats who didn't seem to like it so much!

And finally here's the view on the way down the mountain. There wasn't any snow in the valley. Just a lot of rain. Mom and dad have promised that we can go next year, and maybe we'll even get to compete!


  1. Hello!

    Ma said that once she gets a better car she would be able to watch the snow events too. We aren't too keen to compete but would like to have some fun in the snow one day, Ma reckons it'd be fun for me to pull her on one of those kiddy sleds...Pfft! It looks far too cold up there!

    Hope you have been having fun and giggles.... Georgia.. good to see you are growing into your ears...


  2. Wow it looks like you all had a very interesting and exciting weekend!

  3. *SIGH*



    Thanks fur sharing it with those of us in yet another heatwave!


  4. We are with Khyra on this one - where is our snow? Is summer over with yet?