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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sleddoggery Relay Race

Baby G here. Dakota is being her lazy labrador self and can't be bothered to blog about the sleddoggery relay race from a couple of weekends ago, so I will.
I'm still too young to participate in such fun stuff, so I had to stay at the car, but lots of friends came by to say "hello". And I ended up with a couple of admirers, but more on that in a later blog!

Here we are in the car. Even though we have all the room in the back, we insisted on squishing up together on one seat for the loooooong drive. Dak's bottom makes a nice pillow for my fluffy puppy head.

Here are some scenes from before the race:

Storm (Bad Cousin #1) is the black dog.

Look it is Koda's mums car (white) with her bike on the back

Dakota was really nervous, so here she is having a private "moment" next to a tree. She usually waits until she's in the middle of a race to stop for a poo (or two). She thinks it's funny to watch dad crash. But this time she decided she didn't want any distractions during her part of the race.

The first part of the relay was a canicross that mom did with Wolf (Bad Cousin #2). They started off well, but then Wolf froze next to a tree. Mom thought he was having a bit of a spooky-dooky mental breakdown (he is a sensitive show dog after all), but really he was just having a poo. They ended up second to last, only doing better than the girl who got lost!

Dakota did a bikejor leg with dad. Mom was too busy looking after me to take their picture, but here Dak is afterward, very tired but very, very happy. I don't know why I'm smiling, I didn't get to do anything.

Storm did two legs in the relay, a bikejor and scooer. She borrowed Dakota's brand new scooter (from the previous blog) and ended up crashing.

Here's Storm feeling really tired after all her hard work.

Storm and Wolf's mom won this trophy for her crash on the scooter. It's the "Ding of the Week". She's very proud of it.

Our team placed second overall, which we're very proud of since this is our first season doing the sleddoggery thing. Dad says that Dakota was the fastest one in her bikejor leg, and he kept telling her what a good girl she was. I can't wait until next year when he'll say things like that to me.

 We had a great time, as usual!


  1. Oh how I wish I khould have been there!

    So much fun!

    AND Bad Khousins too!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  2. I can't wait til you are old enough to compete with us too!

    Does your Mommy have any photos of yours truly by any chance? Cos my Ma is useless, as we all know!

  3. Sorry Mr Koda--no! :( She only managed to get the back of your car. She's pretty hopeless, isn't she?

  4. Looks like a doggone good time!
    Wrooo wrooo!