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Friday, September 10, 2010

Georgia's Big Op

Georgia here, feeling a bit sorry for myself. Yesterday dad left for doggie daycare with Dakota, but I got left behind with mom. Here I am, waiting and a bit confused.

Mom and I got in her car. That usually means we're going somewhere fun.

But we didn't go anywhere fun. We went to the place where we buy dog toys and see people who check me out and then give me treats. Today they checked me out, but I didn't get any treats, and mom left without me. They did all sorts of nasty stuff to me, and I had to stay the night with them. Mom picked me up in the morning, and boy was I glad to see her!

Here I am back at home, sleeping in my favourite spot in the hallway. You can see my belly is bald, and there is a bandage. That's right--mom and dad decided they didn't want me having any puppies, so I got the "chop".

Dakota desperately wanted to play with me when I got home, but I just wanted to lay on the bed with my toys. Here she is, acting like she's giving me a cuddle, but she really just wants my bone.

Here I am defending my bone.

It looks nasty, but really we're just playing. Mom and dad bought us two of these plastic bones so we could each have one, but that doesn't stop us fighting over them. After we finished playing with the bone, I went to sleep for the rest of the day.


  1. Oh my ouchy! I got the chop too~woo will feel better soon:) Looks like a nice game of bitey face! Wooowoooos,


  2. I bet woo didn't even know woo were broke and had to be fixed!

    BUT woo will be happier fur it -

    Or at least that's what 'they' say!

    PeeEssWoo: It should be worth LOTS of extra snakhks and khuddles!

  3. Heal quickly, Georgia. We all have been through that, too.

  4. Hi Georgia!

    I too had to stay at the VET ofurnight a couple of months back fur the fury same operation! Mom says I'm getting more playful now - is that a good thing?


  5. You had a very evil face there... maybe I am a little scared of you? Nah!

    I won't be going to the Merino cos stupid Ma has a stupid 50th Birthday to go to at 6.30pm and couldn't weasel out of it! So we are just crossing fingers that the weight pull works out next weekend!

    Happy Wednesday!