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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Day, Bad Day

Hi everyone, the girls here. Yesterday was one of those days--a good day for Dakota and a bad day for Georgia. First the good day.

It was Dakota's last race of the season, a just-for-fun club race called the Merino. Dakota was so excited she wouldn't hold still for a photo. We were looking forward to meeting up with some of our friends from down south, but they were snowed in. We had a very cold day, but no snow on the ground.

Unfortunately, Dakota was the first one to start, so she didn't have any other dogs to chase and motivate her. Here's the big finish. Dakota was fifth--not bad for a dog that is half  "Slowberian"!

She was very pleased with herself at the end. What a goofball. She had a great day.

Here are the "bad cousins" Storm and Wolf at the finish. They took second for two-dog scooter.

And now for Gerogia's bad day. The vet removed her stitches from her spaying, and a couple hours later the incision reopened. They had to staple her wound, and she has to wait another 10 days for it to heal. She was not a very happy pupperoo. WARNING--icky stapled belly photo below (you were warned!)

We're looking forward to a dry Spring, a healed puppy and lots of fun running around.


  1. Poor Georgia -

    I think that khalls fur extra treats!

    Thanks fur sharing your runnin' fun - and the 'bad khousins' too!



  2. Woo - poor Georgia. We like what Dr. Khyra has prescribed.

  3. Dakota it looks like woo had so much fun racing! We are fury jealous......well actually we got to go SLEDDING yesterday right here at home so I guess woo should be jealous of us!!!

    Poor Georgia, how long have the stitches been in for? Did just a small area open up or most of the wound? Did they have to debraid it before they stapled it? We sure feel sorry for woo!!!

    Team Husky

  4. Stitches were in for 9 days, and just a section of the centre opened up. Don't know what "debraid" means! (I'm just a pup.) Jealous of the snow!!!!